Atomy US and Canada Increase PV(royalty program) to 30% of purchase!! All products including Hemohim are sold at each set price as if you would buy 4 sets. You no longer need to buy 4 to get the lowest price or buy on eBay or Amazon for less!

Atomy Cares About Your Beauty and Health
From skin care products made with natural ingredients extracted from fresh organic herbs for your radiant skin, to Atomy hemohim plus which was 8 years of Korea national project for boosting up your immune system, Atomy shares their love, technology and solution through their natural, high-tech, herbal, functional, eco-friendly and patented top quality products.
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And Your Better Life
You will have the joy of purchasing the best quality everyday products at the lowest price! As well, you can have the joy of earning a nice income with absolutely no risk, no monthly obligations or extra costs while consuming products you use every day! Think of Atomy as an online shopping mall or wholesale membership club like Costco, except it offers you the chance to earn commissions through referral, should that interest you.
Plus Your Confidence
Why Atomy is so confident in their products and offers their consumers a 100% money back guarantee? The commitment and technology of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute is behind the products! Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute is the Korea's first comprehensive science and technology research institute that makes space food. It is one of 3 countries in the world who can accomplish this task! You can be confident of the products!
About Atomy
Welcome to Atomy!

Are you tired of constantly changing skin care products because you have not found the best one to meet your needs?

Do you desire a higher quality of health or a more balanced life without financial worry? Welcome to Atomy! Atomy, or Atom美 means Atom Beauty. Atomy Inc. was founded in 2006 in South Korea to distribute the highest quality skin carehealth carepersonal care, and home care products that are developed by researchers at KAERI(Korean Atomic Energy Institute) and Kolmar Beauty & Health. Atomy's MASSTIGE strategy is to provide an “absolute quality product at an absolutely low price” and also provide business opportunity without capital investment.

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